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Just tried Turkish Delight for the first time. 

It was good, but not “Sell out my family to the White Queen” good. 

I told you…

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Look, it’s twenty feet up in the air, and it’s in the middle of the most heavily guarded part of the prison. It’s impossible to get up there without being seen.

I love how Drax just walks up and looks around like, “Is anybody else seeing this shit?”

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it’s over

The Mike Brown they don’t want you to see. Never forget. #nojusticenopeace #staywoke #arrestdarrenwilson

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Vampire’s problems

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Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade

pilot graphic 8/38

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this is the best thing i’ve ever made 

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repeat after me: 

there is nothing wrong with wanting attention
there is nothing wrong with wanting human contact
there is nothing wrong with wanting validation for your existence 
there is nothing wrong with wanting your hard work to be recognized

there is nothing wrong with wanting attention

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Author John Scalzi was on a roll this morning (currently 7:14 AM, 26 Sept. 2014) with a tweet he found from some guy sending out an “ultimatum” to women to “make a choice” between feminism and, well, men like him. So Scalzi launched into a truly magnificent set of scorchers, which I’m posting here for the delectation of people everywhere.

Also: I would like to thank that guy for setting the ultimatum. It makes finding a boyfriend so much easier when the undesirable ones wear a placard identifying themselves.

"The tragedy of that poor boy’s life is not the realization that he’s not the grand prize he’s assumed, but that he’s not even second place."

My admiration of John Scalzi continues unabated.

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recovery/mental-health/advice blog

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You think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet. 

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Potent minimalist art sends a strong message about police and vigilante brutality in America

Journalist and artist Shirin Barghi has created a gripping, thought-provoking series of graphics that not only examines racial prejudice in today’s America, but also captures the sense of humanity that often gets lost in news coverage. Titled “Last Words,” the graphics illustrate the last recorded words by Brown and other young black people — Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and others — who have been killed by police in recent years.

Let us not forget their voices

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